All pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Here are a few tips for using my pottery in the oven.

roaster 2.jpg

Roasting Pan

I like to use my roasting pan to bake vegetables, pastas, sheet pan meals and even brownies.  If I am cooking for a crowd (more than 2) I use my roasting pan, otherwise I use my mini roasting pan. 

Pie Pan 2.jpg

Pie pan

Pie pans are great for baking any sort of pie. My favorite pie to make is deep dish fruit pie, I also love making chicken pot pie and quiche. 


Lidded 4.jpg

lidded baking dish

Lidded baking dishes are great for stews, breads, and roasts. I like to use my lidded baking dish for anything that will take a while to cook, with the lid on the food steams and cooks evenly, finish cooking with the lid off to remove extra moisture from the dish and crisp up chicken skin, potatoes and bread crusts. 

Please Note: when possible preheat oven with dish, fast TEMPERATE changes can shock pottery. it depends on the heat of the oven compared to the temperature of the dish. I would never recommend going from fridge to oven, but less severe temperature changes have not NEGATIVELY affected my cookware.